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Project Freight Forwarding. 

Project Freight Forwarding expertly handles specialized cargo for repetitive large-scale projects, adeptly addressing challenges in cargo size and timelines and delivering tailored solutions across industries, all requiring meticulous coordination, expert oversight, and impeccable service.

About the service

Project freight forwarding is a specialized subset of freight forwarding that focuses on managing the transportation of complex, oversized, heavy, or specialized cargo for large-scale projects.


Unlike standard freight, which usually involves routine shipments, project freight forwarding deals with unique challenges arising from exceptional cargo sizes, unconventional shapes, demanding delivery timelines, and specific requirements.


From transporting heavy machinery for industrial projects, oil rig supplies, wind turbines for renewable energy projects, or components for large construction endeavors, our international team are experts in devising customized logistical solutions tailored to the unique demands of these projects.


Demanding a heightened level of coordination, Slade oversees meticulous attention to detail, route planning, equipment selection, regulatory compliance, and risk management ensuring constant flawless service. 

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